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4 ways to maximize your job search

1 - Join Eureka Match!

Eureka Match is tailored for college students like you, who are inspired and want to expand their network. It’s a great way to start meeting other students with similar interests, goals, and aspirations. It’s now available on the App Store; be sure to go download it and sign up!

2- Talk to Professors and Alumni

Professors and Alumni are major assets to any student, not simply because of their wealth of knowledge, but their experience as well. Go to office hours and get to know your Professors personally because you never know what advice they could give. Alumni also love to help students who go to their same university. If you have a particular interest in a company, make sure to check whether Alumni work there.

3- Use your on-campus career center

At the University of Miami, the Topple Career Center is a great place to start your job-search process. Whether it’s improving your resume, interview skills, or looking for an internship, it’s a great place to start getting advice from people who want to see you succeed. Due to COVID, this semester they are offering their services virtually. Don’t hesitate to set up an appointment to speak to an advisor.

4- Look for internships

Once you have a specific industry in mind, talk to people on-campus, as well as alumni who have gone to your university. Sometimes, companies have available positions but don’t put the postings on their website. Try to find a potential internship that aligns with your skillset and apply.


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