Recruit College Students 


"Eureka Match Recruiters" will deliver to companies an agile, efficient, and intelligent hiring algorithm that will showcase powerful data of college students and suggest the best matches between them.

Human Resource Expert System

Eureka will analyze students' behavioral data, patterns, and preferences (personal & profession to endure quality connections.

Machine Learning

For the filters,  company's can pin-point students' college/institution, major, extracurricular, interests, graduation year, GPA range, and browse throughout prospective students/employees' profiles.

Match-Making Filters

Companies create job posts at Eureka's platform that will be visible to students who, then, are going to be able to see the jobs' type, work hours, location, description, desired graduation year

Meaningful Job Posts

It's a match! Chat with your future employee. Companies are able to reach out to college students in a more informal context and better enter students' "universe".

Establish Interpersonal Connections

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