Our Roots

Hey there! This is Dani, founder of Eureka Match. I'm glad you've stop by to learn more about our history and mission! 

Since i moved to the United States for college I instantly noticed there could, and should be more collaboration among college students instead of having them categorized by majors and mostly apart studying in different buildings. Moreover, I saw the amount of knowledge concentrated in one campus, but too little communication and sharing among students.

In response to this challenge, Eureka Match was born. A match-making application designed to boost quality peer-to-peer networking inside universities, spur innovation, connect the current student body with the alumni community, and help college students to connect with companies and match with the perfect job opportunity.

Awards & Press

Eureka's first big moment was receiving the second place at the University of Miami Annual Business Plan Competition (2019).

Daniela Negri (founder) and Michael Wilson, Faculty Director, Entrepreneurship Programs at the University of Miami


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